What's Your Story?


What's Your Story?

Indiana Disability History Project

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Indiana Disability History Project

Picturing My World

Irene and Brenda

photo of Irene and Brenda

Picturing My World

Don Robinson's Story

photo of Don and his cat

Kentucky Childhood

Granddad Stinson and Grandma Stinson

photo of Granddad Stinson and Grandma Stinson

My First Permanent

1930's Perm Machine

photo of 1930's Perm Machine

We’re Back!

Dec 17th, 2012 by admin | 0

The Museum of the Person USA website is online again. Due to technical difficulties, museumoftheperson.org was down for an extended period. We regret any inconvenience to our visitors. We’re confident the site is now in great working order. You’ll notice some improvements. For example, you can now log in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Linked In accounts, in addition to WordPress. We’re ready for your stories, images, and comments!


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