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What's Your Story?

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Indiana Disability History Project

Picturing My World

Irene and Brenda

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Picturing My World

Don Robinson's Story

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Kentucky Childhood

Granddad Stinson and Grandma Stinson

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1930's Perm Machine

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The Museum of the Person: A Global Network for Life Stories

The Museum of the Person is a global network that links individuals and groups through authoring and sharing their life stories. Museum projects (nuclei) are located in Brazil, Portugal, the USA, and Canada.

Our values:

The members of the global network believe that:
• Every life story has value and should be part of social memory.
• Listening to others is a way to offer respect and act as a peer.
• Every person plays a role as an agent of historical change and an author of history.
• Memory is an instrument for social and cultural development
• Understanding through exchange will lead to peace.

Our Vision:

A more just and democratic world built on the memory of persons from all segments of society.

Our Mission:

To construct an open and active network of life tellers/listeners on the web and in communities all over the planet.

Our Challenges:

To define the best uses of the collection of stories so as to promote action towards understanding, education, positive public policies, community building and social justice.

To create the infrastructure and technological solutions that allow the use of the collection in the most varied of actions by the most varied of groups, irrespective of all forms of difference.

To build a global network with a single portal while allowing the independence of each nucleus.

To continuously expand the global network and trigger new initiatives while widening the scope of work in each country.

Our invitation:

To invite interested individuals, groups, organizations, NGO’s, corporations and governmental sectors to consider developing a Museum nucleus.

Our expectation:
That new partners will commit to the values, principles, operating and technical standards of the international Museum of the Person. New Museums will sign-off on these requirements and participate as contributing members of the growing network through the sharing of information, support, resources, and ideas.

How to Build a Museum of the Person?

1. To share methodology
2. To guarantee sustainability
3. To guarantee the register of life stories in a virtual shared platform
4. To be co-responsible for the network collaboration

Minimum requirements to be a MoP:

1. Results of the work: register the life stories in a virtual shared platform
2. Methodology: life stories
3. Goals:
a. Dissemination of the practices, content and nucleuses
b. To guarantee the authorship

U.S. Contact Information:

Philip B. Stafford, Indiana University
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
1905 North Range Road, Bloomington, IN 47408-9801, USA
Ph: (812) 855-2163
FAX: (812) 855-9630
TTY: (812) 855-9396
Email: staffor[at]indiana.edu